Google’s new weather widget is a tablet-only deal

Google really wants to get its fingers in all the pies, even if it’s a little one. It has just announced a new a weather widget optimized for tablets.

With the new widget, if you search for weather in Google while on your tablet an interactive display will come up showing the weather in your area or in any area you choose. It shows the current weather, hourly forecasts and a ten day forecast.

This beats its previous widget that showed only a three or five day forecast depending the device size. Further, this widget is interactive, showing humidity, wind speed, temperature and precipitation.

The desktop widget, however, does not show more than a three day forecast, and is not interactive, but links you to Accuweather, The Weather Channel or Weather Underground. It seems like Google’s focus is very much on the tablet and smartphone segments. It would be rather simple to add a similar widget to Chrome, but maybe that’s on the horizon.

Seems like it would be easier to download the Accuweather app, or the like, and check the weather from there. It offers exactly the same service. But Google fanatics must be excited about this new development and Google is one step closer to world domination.



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