Have your slice of Raspberry Pi

A credit card sized cheap-as-sin computer that will do everything you can reasonably ask a simple computer to do. And people are going crazy for it. Everybody wants their slice of Raspberry Pi.

It’s not surprising, really. At about £25, it’s a steal. It’s not record-breaking hardware, not even smartphone competing. It was originally created by Raspberry Pi Foundation as a non-profit project.

Powering the Raspberry Pi is a 700 MHz processor with 256 megabytes of RAM. And with a collection of ports including HDMI, USB, Ethernet and an audio jack, you can even watch HD movies on it without hassle. Don’t expect much in terms of hard drive space, though.

It runs on a Linux system — and while that may not be everyone’s cup of tea — with such a small computer and the customisability of Linux, it could be made to suit everyone’s tastes.

Problem is, people have been so hyped about it, that no one can get one. Supply has not been able to keep up with the intense demand. There actually was a limit set of one purchase per person to try and slow the sales until supply could keep up.

It seems that now it can, upping the production rate to 4 000 units a day. So now you can but as many as you please.

Also on the news is the announced that there is a new camera board being worked for the Pi, sporting 5MP. This would only make it more attractive and it should probably look at increasing the production even further. If your sweet tooth is aching head on here.



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