Possible thinner battery for next iPhone could mean big things

With all the purported components of the new iPhone being leaked, we’ll soon be able to build our own iPhone without the help of Apple and its notoriously tight lips.

The newest part of the puzzle is the battery. Leaked by an apparently reliable source to 9to5Mac, the new battery is significantly thinner than the previous generation. There are quite a few benefits of this new design.

First, a thinner battery would allow for a thinner overall body, and we all like thinner bodies. Next, it would most likely be able to accomodate for LTE technology. The new battery has 1430mAh, up from the previous generation’s 1420mAh, and this will give the new phone enough battery life to run LTE without a problem.

As well as the news of a new battery, a thinner screen is also rumored. The new technology called IGZO might feature, which has smaller transistors, allows significantly more light to go through the screen. This would mean that fewer LEDs would be needed for the screen to be as bright.

The addition of a thinner screen would definitely boost the possibility of LTE technology being found in the new iPhone. If these parts do in fact find their way to the new iPhone, only time will tell. However, these show that the Apple has much technology to play with and if half of what has been rumored find the way onto the device, then it will certainly be a product to lust after.



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