Will the iPhone 5 cost $800? Twitter says ‘maybe’

Where the hell are these people getting their facts from? Twitter is usually a decent source of breaking stories for avid tech journos like us, but this seems crazy.

iPhone 5 $800? It better be bulletproof, waterproof, damage proof, dirt proof and also fireproof. Siri better twerk on demand too.


#800DollarsForAniPhone It better be doing my homework for me… and show ALL the work!

— Timotheus Harper(@Tedd_2Fearless) August 2, 2012

We think that as the glorious moment to the iPhone 5, next-gen iPhone, iPhone Super Awesome Extreme or whatever, draws closer, tech lovers are readying their minds for the inevitable wallet-rape.

The iPhone 4S starts at US$200 for the most stringent of mobile contracts, and US$850 for an unlocked, 64GB device. This is the genesis of the current price worry generated by Twitter. When the little bugger is born, it’s going to cost the same as a new iDevice. And as such, the iPhone 4S will drop in price. It’s the way of Apple, and the way of our cyclical tech world. Don’t take our word as verbatim but a next gen iPhone for US$200 is not only a possibility, but the most likely outcome.



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