GoPro Hero3 is the new camcorder of choice for action sport enthusiasts

The Hero3 is the latest release from GoPro, unveiled by the manufacturer at a launch event in San Francisco.

This is the company’s flagship device and makes improvements on its previous offering, the Hero2. Enhancements include the Hero3 being “30% smaller and 25% lighter” than its predecessor, according to GoPro. Another key feature includes the Hero3 being able to shoot in 4K resolution, quite the achievement considering its size.

The increased resolution will however cause the users’ frame rate to drop to 15fps. Alternative resolution settings offer higher frame rates ranging from 48fps to 120fps for 1020p and 720p recording.

A built-in Wi-Fi function and accompanying remote come standard across all three models within the range. With the top of the line model sporting a 12MP camera and low-light performance setting.

Prices start at US$200 for the entry-level White edition, US$300 for the middle of the range Silver edition and US$400 for the top-end Black edition.

Equipped with all the necessary mounting attachments, GoPro’s new product will definitely help you get your Felix Baumgartner on.



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