Samsung ‘Smart PC’ plus desktops, laptops revealed

Samsung senior VP Mike Abary’s gone and revealed the Korean company’s new Windows 8 laptops, desktops and “Smart PC” range, which are tablet/laptop hybrids. Pricing seems excessive, but this is the price of the future people. Read on.

Three new devices, but one is different from the other. Can you tell which one is the Smart PC? Hint: it’s the one in the middle.

Samsung ATIV Smart PCs (hybrid laptop/tablets)

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T — US$1200
ATIV Smart PC 500T — US$750 (with keyboard) / US$650 (without keyboard)

Samsung Mobile PCs (laptops)

Series 9 Premium Ultrabook — US$1400 (15-inch), US$1300 (13-inch)
Series 7 Notebook — US$1100 (15-inch)
Series 5 Ultra Touch (13.3-inch touch screen laptop) — US$860 (Core i5), US$810 (Core i3)
Series 3 Notebook — US$450 – US$900 depending on configuration

Samsung All-in-One PCs (desktops)

Series 7 All-in-One — US$1700 (27 inch); US$1100 (23.6 inch)
Series 5 All-in-One — US$800 (21.5 inch)

Most of these devices will be available after 26 October, which is the launch date of Windows 8. We look forward to the two Smart PCs on offer. It’s a smattering of innovation and maybe this time the world is ready for a tablet/laptop hybrid. It’ll certainly fare better than devices like these.

A smashing closeup of the new Series 5 Ultra Touch



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