The iGlaze + VersaCover for iPad review: robust and artful

Moshi’s iGlaze + VersaCover is a protective cover for the astute iPad owner. What it lacks in naming ingenuity it more than makes up for with sharp design and functionality that surpasses even its closest competitor — Apple’s own Smart Cover. Made for The New iPad (3rd Generation), yet also ‘backwards compatible’ with the iPad 2, this cover will make you the envy of your friends and also provide much-needed protection from scratches and minor drops.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the iGlaze + VersaCover is that it is essentially two covers in one. The iGlaze is the mighty protector — guardian of corners, fighter of scratches, and now with added grip! It fits perfectly around the iPad and even a furious shake won’t make it budge. It does all this without hampering any functionality of the iPad’s external buttons: volume, power, headphones et al. In fact I would argue that the tablet looks even classier encased in the iGlaze’s frosted hardshell — that’s right Apple, Moshi is beating you hands down with design in this battle.

The VersaCover is the ninja: quick to adapt and nimble at your fingertips, a perfect foil to the protector. This origami-style front cover guards your precious Retina display and allows for various standing options. The microfiber cover has a classy suede look to it and its clever use of magnets allows for portrait, landscape and typing angles respectively.

The minimal design uses two magnets in the fabric itself to allow for the various folding options. A rear magnet functions as a clasp, keeping the cover neatly in place when folded back — something that other covers in the market sorely miss.

The magnets in the cover effectively keep the folds in place, and give a real sense of design – it feels both flexible and durable, never mind the fact that it looks great too. These magnets also help activate the iPad’s auto-wake/sleep function, unlocking the iPad when opened and locking when closed.

Hands on, hands off

If you’re in the market, you’re probably wondering how the cover actually performs. Well the folding positions vary from 40 degrees to 60 degrees for their various applications and they all work superbly. Here is a mini hands-on for your convenience.

The microfiber cover folds at five different points and the two magnets hold the edges together which allows you to create a pyramid shape that provides the basis for the versatile angles.

50 Degrees

The Portrait angle is meant for browsing and reading. While I personally don’t browse the web in portrait, this angle is comfortable and impressively sturdy; I tried to knock the tablet over within reason and failed every time. It could easily be used to view a recipe whilst cooking and is great for reading when the tablet is on a flat surface.

60 Degrees

This Landscape mode is meant for watching video. This is the mode I use most with the VersaCover, mainly because I predominantly use my tablet in landscape for most applications especially browsing, reading and watching video. With this in mind I think Moshi hit the mark perfectly with 60 degrees – this is the sturdiest folding angle for the cover, as the entire beak of the pyramid sits flush on whatever surface it rests upon. All the while the angle of the screen is incredibly comfortable.

40 Degrees

With a simple flip of your tablet you place it in typing mode. This angle seems just about right, bearing wrist comfort and screen visibility in mind. My wrists felt a bit strained after a good few minutes of typing, but really anyone that wants to do more word processing than email and notes needs a proper computer and not a tablet, no matter how cool you think you look.

Personally, I found that this folding angle works great on your lap – the extra flap of the microfiber sits comfortably between your legs providing stability and a great angle for any landscape use of the tablet.

One Stone

I wholeheartedly recommend the iGlaze + VersaCover to anyone who owns a 3rd generation iPad or iPad 2. The hardshell case is beautifully made and it protects your tablet completely, vulnerable corners and all. The VersaCover offers the great functionality of three distinct angles while also enabling the auto-wake feature and protecting your Retina display. The rear magnet (clasp) is the cherry on top, preventing the cover from ever getting in your way.

I’ve had the cover for about a month now, and its durability is impressive. The fabric can be cleaned with suede cleaner on a damp cloth and the frosted back makes the tablet look spotless even though it’s probably full of finger marks and dust. The rear magnet has gotten a touch weaker, but as a rough gadget owner, I expected worse.

The iGlaze + VersaCover is a simple yet elegant product. It combines the simplicity of magnets with folding functionality – even an origami champion would be impressed. Its sleek look fits the situation whether in the boardroom or the bedroom — this is the cover every iPad owner should have. At its US$60 price point, it might seem steep but it is essentially two covers in one, and the finest iPad cover on the market. Simple as that.

Price: US$60

Colour options: Black, White or Translucent.

Available through Moshi (US) or Loot (South Africa)

Review model provided by Emia Distribution



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