HTC HD2 hacked to run WP 8, pokes hole in Microsoft’s hardware claim

The HTC HD2 has defied the odds once again. It’s a little known fact that this smartphone, which originally made its debut in 2009 running Windows Mobile 6.5, has now been hacked to operate with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS courtesy of hackers extraordinaire Dark Forces Team.

This is not the first time that the HD2 has been modified by DFT, having setup the once flagship smartphone to run every single iteration of Windows’ mobile OS since 2009. Pretty impressive considering Microsoft’s statements that older models still running Windows Phone 7 will be unable to receive a download of WP8, citing issues surrounding hardware incompatibility.

The issue in question involves the security settings built into Windows Phone 8, which is supposed to only enable WP8 devices run the software. Which makes the fact that a smartphone dating back to 2009 can be hacked to run this new OS even more impressive.

These images apparently contradict Microsoft’s claims as the HD2 is seen photographed running WP8 with relative ease.This gives users who still carry older versions of Windows Phone hope as they too can enjoy the revamped live tile action.

For those too scared to run a hack, Microsoft is set to release Windows Phone 7.8 in the coming weeks which should offer a mobile experience similar to that of WP8, it all depends on whether or nor you have a grip on your FOMO complex.

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