Wii Mini revealed ‘accidentally’ on Best Buy website


God, no. What is this?


Best Buy has just confirmed it. The Wii Mini is US$99 and is the ugly stepsister of consoles. “Big Fun, for a Mini Price” says Nintendo. We say, “old system, ugly shape”. But for under US$100 it’s a decent starter console with a great selection of first-party titles.

There’s a manual release top loading system, last seen on the PS2 Slim. The Wii Mini comes with one red MotionPlus Nunchuck controller, the sensor bar and not even a single goddamn game. Disgustingly, this will be an internet free console and Gamecube titles will not be playable. Also, it’s only being in Canada first. Wait, what?

Read the full press release, but please note that we’ve already told you everything of relevance.

Original article:

We’ve put it in inverted commas because there’s no doubt in our minds that the Wii Mini, which when clicked on directs to the Skylanders Giants Starters Pack, will make its way into stores on the advertised date of 7 December.

It makes perfect sense. We were wondering what was going to happen to the now defunct Wii when the Wii U made its splashdown. From what we can see in the image, the Wii Mini going to be roughly the same hight of the Wii remote, and it’s going to look like a portable hard drive. A black case with a colourful trim. Look at that image and tell us we’re wrong.

The Wii’s heavily aged hardware will be ideal in a shrunken version of the world’s formally best-selling console. Hell, they’ve managed to squeeze an Xbox into a laptop, so a tiny Wii wasn’t too far off. So, with only the minor detail of a release date, we now wait in rabid anticipation for a smaller version of a crappy and outdated console. Which will of course sell in the millions.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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