Windows Phone 8 update, Apollo Plus rumoured for early 2013 release

Microsoft is rumoured to release the first Windows Phone 8 update during first quarter 2013. The rumoured update is named Apollo Plus (we can just smell the patriotism), this information comes courtesy of a tweet from @Football4PDA.

I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t sound like the most credible of Twitter handles, but this account is pretty legit. It released the design specs for the HTC Accord (now Windows Phone 8X) a couple of months before its official release, so the tweet checks out.


Although full details on the update are yet to be disclosed, there are a couple of features that can be confirmed. New enhancements scheduled for this update includes OTA support for current and all future software Microsoft intends to release to users.

There is also a patch aimed at fixing the Wi-Fi connection issue, and users’ WP8 smartphones will now remain constantly connected to chosen devices. Another interesting addition is VPN functionality, which will be targeted at businesses, so employees can connect and communicate over an internally specified network.

Unfortunately no news on whether any of Apollo Plus’ features will make their way to the soon to be released Windows Phone 7.8.

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