5 free bacon apps for iOS that will get you licking your chops

And it’s a picture of a cute piglet

I’m a vegetarian. But the hardest dead animal flesh to resist is bacon. Even browsing for the top results in the Apple App Store, I found myself pining for dead pig at the sight of animated images of bacon. So here’s some bacon madness to whet your appetite:

1. More Bacon!

Remember when you saw the first iPhone. It was revolutionary. It, seemingly, could speak to aliens and discipline your children. But all we ended up doing was play with Koi ponds where the fish nibbled your fingers and rolled balls around using the accelerometer. And, cook virtual bacon in a pan? With More Bacon you can choose your cut, fry it and virtually eat it. What more could you want from life?

2. Bacon

Aptly named, Bacon delivers… well… bacon. Pictures of bacon, sounds of bacon cooking and pictures of it’s source — cute little pigs. Tap on the screen to view bacon in it’s popular forms — a suitcase, a cup and saucer etc. Yup, it’s the most disgusting app around!

3. Bacon Farts

It’s a creative interpretation of flatulation post bacon consumption. So you get “the sizzler”, “crispy”, “soggy”, right down to “splattered”, and everything in between. It’s not so much the idea, as the execution that makes this the most life-changing app on the market. Get it now!

4. Dancing bacon man

Can’t afford a night out at Coup d’etat or Tiger Tiger? Get jiggy with the dancing bacon man. He’s all a party needs: a man, in a suite, with bacon for a head doing dance moves on command. Seriously, though, out of all these ridiculous apps, Dancing Bacon Man got me laughing out loud. For real this time, I’m not sure what more there is to life than a man, with bacon for a head, dancing in your living room!

5. Pig Rockets

Well, we needed a game in the mix and I’m happy to announce that Angry Birds has a game that cancels out it’s downright animosity towards our beloved bacon providing friends: Pig Rockets. With Pig Rockets it’s piggy empowerment all the way as they get the chance to launch an offensive on your farm-house. Defend your home from pigs with rockets strapped to their backs and power up by eating the bacon left behind as the pigs die. It’s like Tetris meets flying birds… on acid. Okay, so this wasn’t the usual sensible review you’ve come to expect from Gearburn.

I was initially hesitant about a review on iPhone apps relating to bacon, but lets just say that a couple of these will remain on my phone for a little longer than is deemed necessary for review purposes.



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