A 1TB flash drive from Kingston? Yours for US$3 500 [CES]

The 4K TV seems to have dominated a CES that is very much run-of-the-mill. Outside of Nvidia’s astonishing Project Shield and the frankly mind-blowing morphing touchscreen for Tactus, there’s very little to be excited about. Would a 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive from Kingston change our miserly outlook? Perhaps. Then again, the US$3 500 price tag makes our teeth ache.

The Beastmaster revealed.

Kingston’s gone and launched the DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 (how can a USB drive be a predator?) for the low, low cost-equivalent of two MacPro’s. The drive reads at 240MB/s and writes at 160MB/s which is on par with the promised SuperSpeed USB 3.0 speeds. Kingston also claims that this 1TB drive is a world first.

There is no official price yet for the 1TB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive, but the 512GB equivalent has been priced at US$1 750, so we’ve gone and doubled the price. With some hope, the drive will not be US$3 500 and will somehow slip into the sub US$2500 category. But as all it is with all new tech, the price will eventually plummet. Look for the Kingston 1TB drive, coming to Donald Trump’s desk, soon.



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