This could be the HTC M7

Rumours abound of HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the M7. This site (and this one) were some of the first to publish pictures of the mystery 5-inch device and after much bickering between the sites, tipsters can now agree that is most likely the famed HTC M7.

New HTC hotness

What kind of seals the deal is that the images aren’t renders, as was the case with previously leaked images. These are honest-to-god product shots of a nameless phone that may contain HTC’s new UI, Sense 5.0

Sense 5.0 seems to be a bold step in a new design direction for HTC. Previous versions of Sense went for a cartoonish/photorealistic style, but Sense 5.0 has a stark new design that emphasizes function over form. Sense is HTC’s skinned version of Android.

‘Sense 5.0’ in all its glory

If we look closely at the design, we can also see that the volume switch will now be on the right hand side of the M7, as opposed to the left side which is the stock standard placement for most HTC’s (although the 8X also has its volume rocker on the right). And why has the multitasking button been swapped with home?

As this site points out, this may not be the final build of the M7, as the familiar FCC stamp is nowhere to be found (it’s usually above the Beats Audio patch at the back). Fake or real? If HTC leaks follow the Apple method of revealing product information months before launch, then the M7 may be a reality.

FCC free

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