Judge Dredd-style non-lethal DNA bullets track criminals in the name of justice

The future is now. Well, every second that ticks by is another step into the future. But I digress. Ubergizmo dug up this gem of a story. SelectDNA, a UK-based company has created a non-lethal method of tracking criminal for later apprehension. Simply put, a DNA bullet is fired from a plastic gun that leaves an identifiable and unique mark.

I am the law

Currently, police use rubber, electronic  and paint bullets as non-lethal methods of criminal apprehension. This is all well and good, but DNA is the ultimate tracing tool, unique as a fingerprint and practically impossible to remove once tagged.

The main function of the SelectDNA gun, which may become a rifle at a later date, is to tag suspected criminals for “accurate identification at a later date”. The DNA bullets are also “less confrontational”. DNA bullet accuracy is 30 to 40-meters, with each bullet weighing under 1g. Fourteen bullets fit into each cartridge, with each bullet sharing the same DNA tracking signal. This may pose a problem if fourteen suspects have been shot with the same bullet, but at the very least, the suspects presence  at the crime scene can be tracked and established. I’m a great supported of non-lethal weapons, technology and DNA wizardry, so the SelectDNA gun gets my early vote for gadget of the year.

Green, mean and ready to smack some criminal ass

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