‘Landscape House’ to be worlds first 3D printed home

3D home

3D printing has evolved quite exponentially from its initial coinage in 1995 by graduate students Jim Bredt and Jim Anderson when they altered and inkjet printer to form a binding solution onto a bed of powder instead of ink onto paper, since then so many inorganic materials have been used to create numerous 3D printed objects from bicycles and shoes to engine parts for vehicles.

So what can possibly be next? Dutch born Janjaap Ruijssenaars is has been planning to build or rather ‘print’ one of his buildings known as “Landscape House”.  A two-story building in infinity/ 8 shaped figure, the idea of this structure is to denote a natural feel as well as effortlessly fit into the outside world.

3D home

The “Landscape House” will be printed by the D-Shape 3D printer invented by Enrico Dini. The D-Shape is the next best thing for construction and architects as it can print a design exactly as the architect or designer envisioned it.  ‘’A new robotic building system” the D-Shape is able to print full-sized sandstone buildings, using a stereolithography 3-D printing process that makes use of only sand and the D-Shape’s special  inorganic binders with the product being akin to concrete.

By layering thousand upon thousand layers of sand 20 by 30 foot sections will be created and essentially assemble the building.  “Landscape House” will be the first 3D-printed structure looking to be finished in 2014 costing an estimated $5 to 6$million.



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