Apple’s keen on flexible screens according to deleted job posting

Apple’s sneaky. First it posts this job listing (expertly grabbed by 9to5mac) then it promptly removes it. It seems that Apple is searching for a display specialist to “lead the investigation on flexible displays.” Here’s the recently removed job posting:

Everyone (tech lovers) knows about flexible OLED screens. Samsung’s heavily committed to it, and LG’s pushing forward with phones that may ship as early as 2013. But Apple patents from last year backup the recently posted job listing, saying that Apple is looking into not only flexible displays, but tactical feedback via piezoelectric actuators. Let that roll around in your mouth, piezoelectric actuators.

We usually take a job posting with a pinch of salt, but as it is with most Apple rumours, once it’s out there it’s usually true. Here’s the thing though: Apple isn’t an innovator, but more like a thief in the night that cherry picks the best ideas, perfects the hell out of them and says “Here. This is the best possible version. Everyone else’s is garbage.”

Flexible OLED tech, despite the hype around it, is still very much in its infancy, with not even a consumer flexible OLED phone to prove this future tech’s worth. Therefore, Apple has to play a waiting game. If LG is the first to bring out flexible OLED’s, Samsung will follow and Apple may bring out its bendy-screens only much later once the hype has settled. Remember how everyone hated the iPad Mini? It’s now one of the world’s most popular tablets. Let’s wait and see.



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