Is HAPIFork a dumb fad or smart new eating tool?

The HapiFork’s in various colors

The HapiFork’s in various colors

A new generation of weight and meal control has arrived. Enter the Kickstater funded HAPIfork, a fork that vibrates if you eat too fast, checking the pace at which you eat.

It is a well-known fact that slowing down and paying attention to your eating habits is important to maintaining weight control and living a healthy lifestyle. This is where the HAPIfork comes in: as a mealtime analytics tool that helps you keep track of how you eat.

With each “fork serving” the device monitors the number of times you have raised the fork to your mouth per minute and per meal. It also tracks how long it takes you to feed yourself with each forkful as well as the duration your meal from start to finish. The fork will vibrate and flash with indicator lights if you are eating too fast. Over time these repeated reminders from HAPIfork will hopefully help people adopt good eating habits and help with weight issues.

Fascinating stuff

After meals the information is then uploaded via USB to the HAPIfork programme on your computer (your meal times and information can also be sent to your phone via Bluetooth) helping you keep a database of your meals and progress, including a HAPILABS app and a coaching program to further motivate and help you on your quest to a healthier and weight controlled lifestyle. You also have the option of sharing your meal information with family, friends, trainers or dieticians adding pictures and comments too.

Let’s get forking happy people.



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