9 of the coolest, creepiest and best iPhone 5 cases

The only real way to make your iPhone special these days is to cover it with something unique to you. But with so many choices, how do you know which best suits your needs? Does throwing your phone into a rock garden attract you? Or is it more along the cute and cuddly you’re after? Or for the most sentimental out there, there’s always something cheesy, or creepy.

9 crazy cool iPhone 5 cases
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Gresso Titanium

Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap. Titanium and gold are two materials that are about as exclusive as you get. It's a two-piece case that fits onto your phone in one movement. It's a bumper design and only adds 1mm extra around the phone. And the fact that its titanium means you never have to worry about damage -- that stuff doesn't break, ever. It is covered in PVD-coating and carries a lifetime warranty, unlike your phone. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it (it’s US$1000).

The Hand

If loneliness is a problem and holding a hand helps, then this super creepy case might just be up your alley. It looks pretty real too, which makes it all the weirder. At first glance you wouldn't know it wasn't real, until your brain registers that it's not attached to anything. You can get it in a few different shapes, from a child's hand to an adult's. I'm sure it's probably one of the more comfortable covers to hold, and you'll never be lonely again, though you will probably never hold a real hand ever again either.


You can't beat a bottle opener. Something about that simple device attached to everyday objects is just the business. Out of all the iPhone bottle opener cases, this looks the best. The Opena is simply executed and easy to use, giving you plenty of space not to spill your precious brew. It may be a bit bulky, but when the need for a bottle opener arises, you could be the barman you've always wanted to be.


One of the most practical cases you can get, the ReadyCase has most things sorted out. It's not quite ready for sale, being up on Indiegogo, but it's possibly worth a contribution. At only 3mm thick and made of aerospace materials, it should be strong. It's got a multi-tool with two blades, a screwdriver and a bottle opener. Included is a USB stick of up to 16GB and a lovely clip for your headphones. The USB even doubles as a stand and you can also fit lenses onto it. It's pretty much the do-it-all case.


The 90s kids out there and all the hipsters alike will no doubt stampede a department store for one of these. Probably one of the hardest games ever to be created, but also simple and addictive, these plastic nightmares are iconic. They come in three different colours and mazes, so once you've mastered the one, swap with your other hipster buddies for a new challenge. It's not like your iPhone doesn't already have a couple games on it anyway.


This is just about the best idea for a gaming case there is. No extra buttons on the sides, and no need to touch the screen. The back has 10 touch input points across the back, which can work on a number of different apps. There would be no need to touch the screen to take a photo for instance, or miss that obstacle in a game because your stupid finger was in the way. There are even apps for the visually impaired that integrate Braille entry on its touch panels.


This is undoubtedly one of the most hideous creations I have ever laid my eyes upon. But for the 8 year old who was just spoilt rotten with an iPhone 5, there's probably nothing better than a Disney styled Swarovski Crystal case. It's not only sparkly and colourful, it also sticks out a hell of a lot. This certainly makes it all the more desirable and authentic, surely. At least it will be harder to lose. Is that a good thing?

Trigger Iphone

The no-nonsense case. With this monster, you won't need to worry ever again if your phone is going to get scratched. Actually, I would be worried that my phone is now scratching everything else. It is built from more than 10-machined metal parts, making it look rugged and pretty much indestructible. On the inside is a polymer frame covered on the outside by an aluminum one for added protection. It's one of those fit-and-forget sort of cases.


This cute and cuddly case finally adds a soft touch to the otherwise cold and hard nature of Apple's gem. It is an interactive case for iPhones and iPads that children will no doubt fight for. It's like the lovechild of a Tamagotchi and a Furby. You give it a face, take care of it and it will even get grumpy if you forget about it, which people like, I guess. At least you can turn it off.

Iphone 5 Cases Lead

Iphone 5 Cases Lead



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