LG announces ‘flexible and unbreakable’ OLED panel

LG’s making a massive splash this week as it’s unveiling a 5-inch flexible OLED panel at the SID Event. This comes together with a handful of other major announcements to be expected at the event. Flexible display technology has been on Gearburn’s radar for quite some time now. Yes, this technology would make an awesome party trick. More importantly though, it would become a welcome feature, hopefully replacing our current market of fragile mobile displays.

Not only are flexible displays gimmicks companies like to measure egos with at annual tech events– they’re for all intents and purposes (as LG claims) unbreakable. This is granted you don’t attack them with a pair of scissors – but we will regardless. What makes the display technology so durable is because it’s constructed out of plastic.

If you haven’t figured it out, flexible display panels are groundbreaking. Durability is becoming increasingly desirable as both newer displays and other hardware becomes pricier. As reported by Engadget, LG added that “smart devices are being used more than ever and at increased risk for damage from drops, hits and other accidents.” Just imagine being able to drop your phone down the stairs without worrying about scratches or bruises. If it’s even a touch stronger than the superhuman Xperia Z, LG’s onto something amazing.

It’s also been rumored that LG’s been working on a phone that is “curved to follow the shape of a face when held to the ear.” Would that be something you’d want to use?

The announcement is part of a handful of other groundbreaking technologies like the 14-inch 2560×1440-pixel laptop panel. These display innovations are going to lead the charge against Samsung and the like. Earlier this month the 55-inch Curved OLED TV made its debut. Also eagerly expected are LG’s 5 and 7-inch HD LCD panels with bezels of 1 mm. This design is made possible by Oxide TFT technology that “offers high investment efficiency in producing thin, high transparency, and low power consumption displays.” So expect to see a “production of borderless smartphones that are lightweight and emit significantly less heat.”

Image via Engadget



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