Revamped Droid RAZR M, HD: are Smurf-coloured phones the new thing?

Is blue the new thing again? The US-based telecom giant, Motorola just revamped both the mid-level Droid RAZR M and the higher-end Droid RAZR HD smartphones with newer, flashier design schemes. If bought in cash, you’ll have to pay US$549 for the RAZR M and US$599 for the RAZR HD.

The RAZR M (shown above) has been given a total makeover. Its back and the metal surrounding of the screen have received a major blue paint job. The flagship RAZR HD (shown below), however, has only undergone a slight trimming. The band surrounding the screen is blue while the power button stays silver. The RAZR MAXX has thankfully not received any designers attention.

These makeovers have the same tinge of flashy quirkiness we’ve seen with Nokia’s Lumia 822. The fiery red of the Lumia 822 was countered by Motorola’s pink Droid RAZR M.

The initial attractiveness of these phones was the fact that they were released 4G-ready. The DROID RAZR M, HD as well as MAXX have turned heads during September last year upon release.

A massive fourteen years ago the hit song Blue (Da Ba Dee) went viral without the help of social networking or Youtube. Since then the popularity of the color blue has died down a bit. That was until last week, when the graphic novel-turned-movie, Blue is the Warmest Color, stole the hearts of many at the popular Cannes festival. We never expected Motorola to have its heart stolen by blue that easily as well. Who knows, maybe blue is the new red?

Both devices are being released through US-based telecom network Verizon on two-year contracts. The RAZR M goes for free initially while the RAZR HD is US$99 when opening the contract.



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