Scentee is the very real smell add-on for iPhone

Here’s a list of tech innovations coming out this year. Only one is real:

  1. A bluetooth fork that buzzes if you eat too quickly
  2. An eye-controlled TV
  3. A massager that plugs into your iPhone for social “happiness”
  4. A Blackberry-like keyboard that slides over your iPhone
  5. A scent add-on for the iPhone

So which one is the odd one out? Try none of them. Every gadget is real, and coming very soon. But today we’re talking about the Scentee, a plug-in for the iPhone 4S that wirelessly transmits odors, according to The company producing Scentee, Chatperf has a terrible website with quotes such as “creates 4D communication!” and “find it by your sense of smell!” so let’s cut past the garbage and serve up the main meal. Scentee is compatible with all iPhones that use the older 30-pin connection, such as the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S.

“a relaxing scent”

“Many Perfumes is available” says the site, but there’s no mention of price. Based on the promotional video, the device clips onto the bottom of the iPhone and when the user presses “puff”, a visible spray of odor can be seen. Every time the phone rings, a pleasant vanilla smell could squirt out. Because vanilla is relaxing, you know? We can see four scent canisters on the promotional website, which could possibly be mixed and matched, but we doubt it as in the video, the scent canister is seen being clicked into position underneath Scentee. Mixing smells would require an eye-dropper and “patience”. Something we’re always in short supply of.

The company suggests that a custom scent could be activated with each new email, or to add that extra layer of reality in shooting games (the smell of gunpowder). We can think of a million uses, most to do with pictures of food on Instagram. Chatperf hopes to release a bunch of in-house apps to accompany the launch of Scentee, which is as yet, unknown. Developers though, can grab the Scentee SDK and get to work on a bunch of apps. Final barrier to conquer: iPhone food replication.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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