Sony gives entry-level laptop range a makeover, sticks with bizarre names

Vaio Fit

Vaio Fit

Sony has just announced a new member to its VAIO family line-up namely the Sony VAIO Fit. Moving away from complicated titles featured in the E, S, T and L series, its allure will be its quality, price tag and straightforwardness. The electronics giant seems to be making a comeback in the dog-eat-dog market which saw Sony suffer a record financial loss last year. The VAIO Fit seems to be perfect for someone with a budget who wants something of more quality in design and performance than default.

The Fit is available in a 15-inch model while its younger brother, the Fit E will be available in both 14 and 15-inch. As noted by The Verge, the Fit will go for US$649 while the Fit E goes for either US$547 or US$579. This might sound a bit steep, but considering the quality display, it’s a bargain. Also at those prices, you get Intel’s Core processors, Nvidia graphics and Hybrid hard drives.

With respect to Sony’s long history in designing televisions, the Fit’s display is said to be its main focus. With quality and simplicity in mind, there will be a 1600 x 900 or a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen available only. That’s on top of roomy keyboards embedded in an aluminium body with your choice of black, silver or pink.

This new lineup will become Sony’s headlining mobile product marked by its uniquely simple name and it’s target market. As reported in this CNET article, Sony says that this new product line is for “students and business users who are looking for a step up and want more of a premium design but still at an entry-level price point.”

This new line-up comes after last year’s record financial loss. The company seems to be trying to commercialize its mobile products by simplifying and focusing on what works. VAIO’s product manager, Travis Frust told The Verge that Sony “had E Series, T Series, things like that in the past. Fit kind of combines the best of those, and puts it into one easy-to-understand series.” Let’s see if Sony can make its comeback worth our while.

Both the Fit and the Fit-E are available in 14 and 15-inch models and come in black, silver, and pink.



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