6 insanely cool medical apps and gadgets

Medical Apps

Technology plays a vital role in the medical industry, and the ever-advancing stream of medical gadgets and apps are making the lives of our health practitioners increasingly easy. Bionic limbs are one thing, but there are more practical tools out there that don’t require major surgery to enjoy. And in that vein (your exclusive pun of the day), here are six gadgets and apps out there fighting the good, healthy fight.

6 amazingly cool medical gadgets and apps
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If you are the kind of person who is always forgetting to take your meds, you might find this gadget very interesting indeed. It’s a special medicine bottle cap that monitors when it has been opened, sending a message to the patient's doctor to let them know. It would seem like a better idea if it could just send a message to the patient if it hasn't been taken on time, surely? Otherwise a doctor could be getting messages all day from a whole surgery full of forgetful patients. It’s a step in the right direction at least.

Smart Bandages

It may sound like something from a 1970s Sci-Fi film, but there are now bandages available that are fitted with hyper sensors and a transmitter that sends data to the patients smartphone. This is a high-tech piece of medical equipment that is available to certain patients with chronic heart disease, as the bandage measures any changes or abnormalities in the rate and intensity of the heart.

Skyskape App For Ios

All doctors and medical practitioners must go through rigorous medical code training to ensure that they are up to speed about drugs, prescriptions, and so on, and this powerful database stores a huge amount of information making it available at the touch of a finger. There are programs that offer coding training, so it's ideal for healthcare industry employees to take advantage of them. SkySkape can be a very useful learning aid, as well as a quick and easy reference guide. You can find SkyScape here for free.

Tablets And Smartphones As Medical Tools

Tablets and smartphones are making doctors' lives easier by the day, with their simple interface, touch screens, powerful memory, and high-tech medical program capability, an increasing number of doctors and physicians are choosing to ditch the desktop in favour of a tablet or smartphone. Doctors in rural areas are now even offering video-conference consultations, making everyone's lives, especially those of the infirm, far easier.

Visual Dx For Ios

Visual DX is a powerful database of images that can be used by healthcare professionals in order to cross-reference patients' complaints. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose things without seeing similar cases, and this is where the Visual DX package comes in. It is a fantastic diagnostic tool that can save a lot of time and energy for doctors who are searching for good quality reference materials. You can find VisualDX here for free.

A Flip-up Handheld Scanner

A doctor with a stethoscope around his neck has to be one of the most classic hospital images; however, the doctor of the future will be using a small handheld ultrasound stethoscope instead. Prices are still a little high for mass roll out of this gadget (US$8 000), but in time they are likely to become the norm. And look at this thing, it’s got all the sex appeal of a Motorola flip phone. Which is never a bad thing.

The medical industry is always searching for new technologies to make their work quicker and more effective, and there are plenty of app developers working on great solutions for the future of our healthcare. Yet the most exciting feature of the gadgets I mentioned here are that most of them are already making the rounds in hospitals and private practices worldwide.



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