Google Glass gets updated: improved camera with voice-captions

image of Google Glass

Although Google Glass is only limited to a lucky handful of people, it’s already rolling out updates on a monthly basis. The newest patches include better software for its camera quality and usage. Seeing as you’ll probably want to share most of your daily routine using this computer stylishly strapped to your face, its camera is probably an important feature.

The software has been tweaked to give users sharper pictures as well as a better light/dark awareness. Glass takes a sequence of snaps which are then combined into a single photo that has better light and dynamic range. For example the camera will better “detect low light situations and automatically capture a brighter picture.” This is mainly done through a HDR (High Dynamic Range) method that balances out light and darker areas in order to give a more accurate way in which colour levels are presented.

Google also claims that the software will work well with moving subjects. This means that whether you’ll be snapping away at your Sunday lunches in-doors or wildlife while trekking the mountains, Google Glass will share your life in better quality.

Some high-res snaps were shared to show us the improvements.

The left being before the update and the right, after:

Glass with new software landscape

Other features include the ability to caption your photos by simply tapping the touchpad and speaking your caption on-the-go. According to The Next Web, these captions are not yet functional with Twitter though.

And of course, here’s a picture of a feline:

Glass before and after Cat

These monthly updates are part of a healthy tactic Google’s using for its Project Glass. Using the lucky group of guinea pigs who were able to get their hands on the prototypes US$1500 each, the commercial post-beta Glass would enter the wild comfortably with fewer glitches. We expect many more updates like these as “Glass gets better every single month.”



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