It’s feet first with the Smart Socks that coach you

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Socks are smart now, thanks to Heapsylon’s Sensoria Fitness Socks. Think of it like the Nike+ FuelBand for your feet. The Fitness socks differ though as each pair has tactical sensors woven into the fabric which communicate with a bluetooth ankle bracelet. See, it is different to the FuelBand as it goes on the ankle, not the wrist. But there’s more to it then that.

The creators of the Smart Socks say that it’s important to let runners know how well they’re running. And it’s made possible by not only tracking steps counted and distance run, but by measuring speed and calories as well. The bundled app also measures your running stride and if you’re jogging in a good, smooth line and not excessively rolling your food inwards. This is known as overpronation and for a sock to tell you that is close to miraculous. Overpronation can usually only be diagnosed by a fitness specialist so kudos to Heapsylon for getting it right.

There’s an “easy to use” dashboard that shows how hard, fast and far you’ve run. It’s insanely details and a running coach will be able to use the biometric information from the app to help correct easily missed running issues. The socks know when you’re running, walking, jogging and the “virtual coach” should also improve performance. These socks are fully washable as well, so there’s no excuses to not add them to your running routine. reports that Heapslyon will begin the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign 20 June, but until then you can join the beta if you want to be part of the foot-friendly fitness revolution. The sock, ankle bracelet and app will retail for US$150 upon launch.



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