LG to mass produce OLED flexible displays later this year

LG flexible screen demo

We’ve written quite a lot on flexible displays over the last year. LG’s trying to stay ahead of the curve with this yet-to-be trend. The Korean tech giant is going into mass production of its OLED flexible displays for smartphones.

As reported by The Korea Times, mass production of the Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology will support flexible displays for mobile devices and new high-tech panels. LG says that while using 4.5 glass-cutting technology, the “monthly capacity for the [production] line was set as 12 000 sheets.”

LG said they have completed the development of their first flexible displays and will now mass produce flexible displays from the fourth quarter of this year. LG Electronics also plans to release a flexible smartphone later this year.

Thinner, lighter and more flexible. Yeah, that’s great but what’s probably going to revolutionize the industry for the better, is the fact that we’ll have durable devices for once. Apparently, they don’t break, crack or shatter. LG spokesman Frank Lee says that the company is trying to secure a future industry where displays are “bendable and unbreakable” which could be the “next innovation in display-making technology.”

LG has also announced the 55-inch Curved OLED TV a few months ago. The company is obviously not only going to stay on the mobile device front. The new TV technology “will go mainstream within the next few years” while “LG is expanding its panel sizes to 65 inches and 77 inches.”

This comes at a time when other leading brands are hastily trying their best in gaining a lead in the industry. Samsung is still “testing its flexible products and trying to increase production yields.” Apparently the manufacturing of flexible displays is a pickle business.

It even looks like Apple is getting into the game after it featured a job posting for a “display specialist,” earlier this year.

“Flexible OLEDs will entice handset manufacturers amid growing appetites for a vivid picture, appealing design and thinner displays. The latest development by LG Display should earn a big stake in the growing market,” said Woori Investment Securities analyst Kim Yang-jae.



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