Surprise Playstation Plus account needed to play multiplayer on PS4


So, initially drowned out by the over-enthusiasm and dedication of PlayStation’s gamers and fans, some restrictions are hidden in the fine print. Apparently, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus account in order to enjoy multiplayer features. This comes after Sony announced the PlayStation 4 yesterday at E3– the cheaper option to the Xbox One seemed to have been the melody of Sony’s tune.

This means that you’d have to pay US$49.99 a year to enjoy PlayStation exclusive titles like Destiny. The new open-platform sci-fi MMO by developed by the same guys behind Halo. Developers Bungie seems to aiming at a cross between World of Warcraft and Halo. As it stands, you’ll have to cough up extra to enjoy this exciting new title.

First off Sony announced that there won’t be any new “restrictions on your use of PS4 game discs.”

After which the company dishearteningly said that we should expect to see (some) restrictions:

The fact that the PS3 has always been free to play seems to have been a massive selling-point compared to the Xbox360. Fans rejoiced after Sony’s announcement that the PS4’s going to be much less expensive than the Xbox One.

The whole allure seems to have revolved around its price being a smacking US$100 less than its competitor’s US$499. That was one of Sony’s best cards to play at the event. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts– subtle little things like this that seem to add up in the end. Other things like the PlayStation Camera will cost you US$50 extra while the Kinect comes with the Xbox One.

Though the PlayStation Plus account might come as a slight in its footnote-styled announcement, users could still enjoy other exclusive PlayStation Plus features. Monthly free games are available, discounts and other exclusive demos or beta releases.

So to rub salt in the wounds here’s an E3 gameplay trailer of Destiny:



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