The budget 4K TVs are here: this is Seiki’s $699 39-incher

Seiki is not a household name, yet. But when it launches its US$699 4K, 39-inch HD-TV end of June 2013, it will be. Check this hot little number out:

Seiki 4K

It’s a TV, what did you expect?
Seiki introduced its first 4K TV to the market April 2013, a 50-incher for the low price of US$1 399. But US$699 is a lot more palatable, you also get a lot less TV sadly.

The 39-inch, affordable 4K option (model SE39UY04) has a max resolution of 3840×2160, a refresh rate of 120hz at 1080p, and 30hz — which will make the images a little choppy — at the full 4K resolution. The budget 4K TV also has built-in digital and analogue tuning, the latter which might as well come with a note that says: “Warning: your eyes will bleed if you attempt to watch SD (standard definition) on a 4K TV.”  There’s a USB port on the back, which Seiki says can display 4K photos. Seiki is also nice enough to pack in an HDMI 1.4 cable.

Executive VP of Seiki, Frank Kendzora prepares us for the future with this statement. “With the introduction of the SEIKI 39-inch 4K model, SEIKI has made 4K Ultra HDTVs even more affordable and ideal for PC users wanting to experience next-generation 4K computing. SEIKI will continue to expand its 4K Ultra HDTV line in 2013 to help accelerate the adoption of 4K digital entertainment and make it accessible to every consumer in the U.S. market.” He speaks the truth, as this is the push we need to get 4K into our homes. With consoles gearing up for the 4K revolution, Seiki TV’s may become the favorite of gamers the world over.

The TV ships late June and can be preordered (US only) from

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