These beautiful ‘iPhone Lite’ images would’ve made Steve Jobs smile

iPhone lite

Brains hurt and eyes melt when good, nay great pieces of concept art are crapped onto the internet. We lose out collective minds, especially if the world “iPhone” is attached to it. And that’s today’s story, a bunch of nifty concept renders of Apple’s rumoured “iPhone Lite” as 3D artist Martin Hajek calls it. It’s a better name than “crap and plastic iPhone” we suppose.

Hajek created these concept renders based on the latest images, renders and leaked shots that have been doing the rounds over the past couple of months. He’s even gone as far as to release the NURBS file so that those rich kids out there with 3D printers can have a mock iPhone for you know, mock fun. The images below are richly detailed and infused with a rainbow pallet of possibilities.

The latest leak is the culprit for Hajek’s cool-looking renders. GSMarena managed to grab two images of Apples latest product rehash for us, and we’ve included them in the slideshow below. Rumoured specs, which will most likely be spot on, suggest that the iPhone Lite will have 2GB RAM, a 12-megapixel camera and 4G LTE-A support. As for the screen, we may get a respectable 1136×640 display. Why are you still reading this? Get to the pictures!

Cool concept shots of the budget iPhone
left right

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

The back looks a little too cheap and tacky for Apple's liking.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

Blue is where it’s at.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

No banana phone for us, please.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

Red’s a little better.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

Green ain’t so bad, but it looks a bit tacky.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

Hello ladies...

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

taste the rainbow.

“iphone Lite” Concept Renders

A gorgeous shot of Hajek’s renders. This one is as if it is on

Latest Sneaky Budget Iphone Shot

Them backs.

Latest Sneaky Budget Iphone Shot

Them fronts.

Iphone Lite

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