Xbox One can record last five minutes of any game

Xbox one

This year’s Comic-con hasn’t exactly been a treasure trove of gaming and gadget fun, save for this Xbox One titbit revealed by Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb, who’s revealed that the upcoming console from Microsoft automatically records the last five minutes of gameplay. Sony’s PS4 is said to record the last fifteen minutes, says Eurogamer.

During an onstage demonstration of Xbox One-exclusive title Killer Instinct, Lobb says that you’ll be able to edit footage on the fly, add in a voice-over track, footage captured from the new Kinect and even add a title before uploading. If you need a quick-fix, or to show off a clip from a gaming session that can’t be paused — any online session — the Xbox One lets you save the last 30-seconds of gameplay if you say the phrase “Xbox, record”. Lobb outlines the details.

“The idea is you’re always recording, the last five minutes of any game you’re playing are always being stored on your hard drive. [And] Say you’re playing online and you just did the best thing ever — you can’t pause as you’re playing online. You can say ‘Xbox, record that’ and it’ll grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay for you to play around with later.”

The Xbox One and PS4 support  live-streaming of any gaming session through content sharing platform Twitch and the Sony Network, respectively (thank you, Wired). Still no mention of how this will work with our crappy South African broadband services.




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