‘Minecraft’ follow-up ‘0x10c’ dead but not buried


Games come and games go. What sticks around is the legacy (read: gameplay). Consider Minecraft. It looks as ugly as sin but its diverse build-what-you-like gameplay is crack-addictive. That’s why today’s news stings so much: Notch, creator of Minecraft, has officially cancelled his upcoming space-sim Ox10c.

USGamer sheds light on this desperate tale. Markus ‘Notch’ Pearson, speaking on a Team Fortress 2 livestream, said “Nope, their (sic) are no future aspirations for 0x10c. I’m going to make small games for the rest of my life. If someone on the office wants to carry it on they can.” 0x10c, a game that was going to let the gamer choose between relaxing space-exploration or all-out combat, was planned to be the spiritual follow-up to Minecraft. Think of it like GTA for space.


This may be all we ever see

Reddit has other plans for the now cancelled space-sim and a dedicated 0x10c forum has sprung up, with hundreds of fans and developers now clinging onto the revival project for dear life. On one of many Reddit threads, the new team is looking for answers and ways to continue this ambitious project.

Speaking to USGamer, the head of the new fan project has said that they are working on it, but the game won’t resemble 0x10c at all, and won’t even use the “name, code, or original story” from 0x10c. So what’s left? A game now called “Project Trillek” that will only keep the spirit of 0x10c alive. The best part though is that whatever is developed by the Reddit community members will be free-to-play. So there’s at least some positive news to come out of the cancellation. Just not perhaps the news that anyone wants to hear.

From a genius developer who had genuine love and passion for the project to a team who’s now picking up the pieces left behind by Notch. Of course, no one can or should judge the team behind Project Trillek, but whatever comes from the corpse of 0x10c won’t be a patch on what Notch could have delivered.

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