‘Samsung Curve de OLED’ TV debuts in Europe, costs $10 700

Samsung curve de OLED TV

Samsung is debuting its curved 55-inch OLED TV in Europe today that will set you back about US$10 700 (or €8 000). First announced in South Korea back in July this year, the Samsung curve de OLED TV will make its way to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy this week.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to afford la télévision grande unless you’re fortunate enough to earn the salary of a top-flight football star from that country. Either way, the beautiful curved feature is meant to “envelope” you and is said to be the first TV to feature Multi View capabilities with Full HD in 2D/3D and stereo sound.

The OLED TV, or as its most likely to be known as in Germany: das über-fernsehgerät (hat tip to Google Translate), “creates a captivating and vibrant picture that envelops viewers in spectacular colour and beauty.” OLED panels consist of thousands of self-emitting diodes that supposedly deliver richer and brighter images compared to current TVs.

The curvature design of the panel is also meant to keep the distance between the viewer and TV screen the same from almost any angle for a more lifelike viewing experience.

South Korea’s other electronics giant LG announced its 55-inch Curve earlier this year with much excitement. Although it seems as if though Samsung has managed to beat it to the punch by getting hold of the European market sooner.

The LG counterpart is also expected to set you back a massive US$13 500 — that’s if you have the space and prefer postponing mortgage payments for a year.



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