Google Glass app store launching in 2014


Google Glass, the wearable Android device for your face, is getting an app store in 2014, said MarketingLand (via an insanely long NYtimes article). Said the article, “the company says an app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public”.

What Google hasn’t mentioned yet is if the store is going to be a separate entity, or part of Google Play. If you have Glass, you’ve already began experimenting with apps. There are hundreds of simple programs out there, developed by people way smarter than us, and these apps are all free-of-charge to boot. Despite this, a formal app store is on its way, after the public launch of Google Glass near the end of 2013. Google first wants to get its product out of the doors before it gives us the keys to an app store.

A few months prior in July, Engadget said that the app store will be called the “Boutique”. This name was scraped from a Google Glass update and is most likely not going to be the final name of the store. Right now, there’s little to no information outside of this one-line leak from the NY Times. As soon as we’ve uncovered some meatier Glass titbits, we’ll let you know.



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