Have a look at BBM for Android [beta] in this video

BBM for Android

BlackBerry Messenger for Android is coming real soon and today has been captured on video, first posted by BlackBerryOS. If this is the beta version of the app, then kudos to BlackBerry because the app interface looks exactly like BBM for OS 10. We’ll explain more after the video which neatly explains what is, and what isn’t included with the refurbished app, care of this very chatty beta tester.

Most interestingly, the video details NFC contact sharing. Tap to share, or click on the OS 10 social sharing button for other options. The phone demoed with BBM for Android is an HTC First, which is a fairly low-specced device. It’s good news for the rest of us though, as this means that BBM for Android will at least run on 95% of all Android devices out there. A dual-core 1.4Ghz CPU is as plain as they come.

Close to everything from BBM is going to make the transfer to Android. If the video leaves anything out, then it’s details so small that no one will notice until the app is resting snugly in their phones.

If you’re interested in grabbing the BBM for Android installation file (APK), you’ll have to wait in line. According to this forum on CrackBerry, the APK is part of a closed beta. Only a select number of users would have received the APK through the Beta Zone, a testing ground for developers.

This article on ProductReviews showed that BBM for Android is readying itself for launch, as the download page was made live ( accidentally) earlier last week. It showed us that not only is BBM ready for Android, but for iOS as well. The page said that users will be able to chat in real-time, invite friends, make groups and let you personalize your profile. That sounds like BBM to us.

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