Humble Bundle 9 brings ‘Fez’ and ‘Faster Than Light’ to Mac and Linux


“Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome cross-platform games.” So reads the tagline of The Humble Bundle. The first indie game pack started in 2010 with the anniversary of World of Goo. Now with the 9th bundle, the popular platformer Fez as well as rogue-inspired space game FTL (together with six other popular indie titles) are making their way to PC, Mac and Linux. This would be the first time Fez and FTL are available for Mac and Linux.

Tempting gamers of all sorts, titles on offer include the visual stunning magical platformer Trine 2: The Complete Story, the side-scrolling action stealth video game Mark of the Ninja, the new casual puzzler Eets Munchies (beta version) and heavy metal ass-kicker action-adventure Brütal Legend, along with Fez and FTL: Faster Than Light. All nicely wrapped in a digital package.

You’ll get the soundtracks of Trine 2, Brütal Legend, FTL and Fez while being able to choose how your purchase is divided; charity, game developers or The Humble Bundle site itself. Furthermore, you’ll get a Steam key which will add all the titles to your Steam library as well.

Although you can pay what you want, you’ll need to unlock Fez and FTL which means you’ll need to match the current US$4.57 average. This humblest of bundles is available until 23 September. The total payments for The Humble Bundle 9 is currently running over the US$1.2-million mark.



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