Infinity Blade III now available, ahead of iOS 7 launch

To all iOS gamers’ delight, Infinity Blade III was released yesterday a few hours before the official launch of Apple’s new operating system today. The conclusion of the award-winning epic fantasy role-playing title will use the same swipe-tap combat style like the previous two. It promises three new modes which includes a “massively social” online feature and other group-based challenges.

Like its predecessor did before, Infinity Blade III made its debut 10 September when Apple showed-off the power of its latest devices. Rightfully so, the game has been optimized for both iPhone 5S and iOS 7 but will run on multiple devices so don’t worry.

infinity blade leap

Infinity Blade III lets you play with the legendary hero Siris and a stealthy warrior thief called Isa who has unique abilities like picking locks for instance. Both heroes have joined with the God-King Raidriar and must to fight their way through an army of deathless titans in order to defeat the Worker of Secrets.

infinity blade profile

The first of the series was created by Chair Entertainment and Epic games back in 2010 and was hailed as being the first iOS game to run the popular Unreal Engine 3. When it was released it become the fastest-grossing app for iOS that time. The app sold more than 270 000 copies and made over US$21-million by the end of 2011.

Infinity Blade III is available for both iOS 6 and 7 and runs on iPhone 4, the iPad 2, iPad mini, fourth generation iPod touch and beyond. You can find the game on the App store for US$7.

Image via Unreal Engine



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