Second time lucky? Microsoft Surface 2 launching later today

microsoft surface keyboards

microsoft surface keyboards

Did you buy the Surface RT or Pro? If not, you’re in luck. Because you managed to save both money and dignity by not purchasing the Surface 1. Yet today, Microsoft launches Surface 2 and the world will never be the same again.

That’s a dirty lie of course, and it’s more than likely that the Surface 2 will also tank, unless it too receives a heavy price cut. If you’re still interested in a Microsoft-branded tablet though, Surface 2 may hold some love for you.

We correctly predicted that Surface 2 would materialise 23 September, with specs like 8GB RAM, a 1080p display and Windows 8.1. The Wall Street Journal says that the new tablet could be thinner and lighter, which is the standard with any tablet that’s looking to draw in a new crowd (the same crowd that’s deeply in love with 7-inch tablets). It’s because Windows 8.1 works on 7, 10.1 and 12″ tablets. Before, Windows 8 only ran in a 10.1″ and above environment.

Another cool hardware update for the Surface 2 is the predicted Haswell CPU. These chips need less power and do not require a cooling solution. This could contribute towards the “lighter and thinner” rumours.

This time, Microsoft’s going to have to push the connected environment even harder, as the Xbox, Xbox One, Windows PCs and countless Windows Phones all run a version of Windows that’s near identical to each other. This interconnection between Microsoft gizmos could all be tied together if the Surface 2 has enough hardware to handle the countless connections.

So what of the Surface 1 then? Can we expect further price cuts when Surface 2 lands later today? Microsoft has already discounted the first Surface by offering up to R2000 (US$200) off if you bring in your “lightly used” iPad 2, 3 or 4. Would the Redmond giant then provide a discount for us if we trade in our old Surface for a new one? A boy can dream.

At a Microsoft event at 4:30pm (South Africa), expect a new Surface tablet with beefed-up specs. Will you be buying one this time around?

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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