Flipcase turns the iPhone 5C into a game of Connect Four


Here’s a neat idea: take the iPhone 5C’s dotty case and turn it into a game. That’s exactly what Flipcase, a free game now available from the iTunes store does.

Here’s the case of the 5C:

iPhone 5C case

And here’s what Flipcase does with it:

Flipcase says that it’ll work with the 5 and 5S, but it’s made for the holy case of the iPhone 5C which luckily fits over the other iPhone models. The game looks like quick, simple fun and bases itself off the “timeless” classic (depending on how much you like cheap, plastic board games), Connect Four.

The case slips off the back and onto the front, the app’s playing board is then lined up with the holes of the iPhone 5C’s dotty cover. And like Connect Four, you’ll need to line up four coloured dots in a row to win a round. It’s good, simple, highly innovative fun that won’t knock your socks off, but does offer some form of physical fun which isn’t usually associated with phones.

Could this be one of the best physical attachments yet for the iPhone? We’ve seen gamepads, little rubber nipples that stick to the screen and even a full arcade stick, but Flipcase is the leanest physical controller yet. Hooray for innovation. The game looks fun, the idea is solid and it gives iPhone 5C owners another reason to gloat.



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