LG will (apparently) unveil its curved ‘G Flex’ smartphone next month

LG flexible screen demo

Last week word came of Samsung planning the release of a curved smartphone in October so it’s just fitting that LG should then also prepare for the launch of its own smartphone with a curved display. Sources close to LG have confirmed the so-called “G Flex”.

The company uses the same plastic OLED display technology that’s used in its 55-inch Curved TV. According to CNET, the G Flex will have a 6″ curved display that would be released in November.

LG G Flex sketch

Albeit not the most prettiest of all leaks we’ve seen, it gives us an idea of what to expect.

As we’ve noted before, while the actual display is made of the bendable OLED technology, it’s not to say that the body of the phone would be flexible or bendable as well — confusing as the phone is expected to be called the G Flex (note the “Flex”).

The technology could be incorporated in a number of different ways. In Samsung’s case the display will literally wrap around the edges of the device. Samsung is also expected to officially unveil its curved devices this month and a new version of the Galaxy Note 3 with YOUM flexible display technology.

The two South Korean tech giants have been competing for limelight in this field when LG presented its flexible display back in May. Both companies then followed up by releasing 55″ curved OLED display TVs.

It was rumoured back then that LG’s working on a smartphone that’s “curved to follow the shape of a face when held to the ear.” Could this be the G Flex in question?

Image via CNET



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