LG’s curved-screen G Flex smiles for the camera with close-up photos leaked

LG G Flex

LG’s curved smartphone, the G Flex, has been spotted posing for the camera in Argentina. Back in September, LG announced it will be mass producing OLED flexible displays for smartphones later this year. Well, it seems to be “later this year” already.

These photos gathered by Argentinian journalist Federico Ini distributed via Twitter and The Verge give us an indication that the G Flex is the real deal and that we might see it before we see Samsung’s so-called Galaxy Round (we may never, as it’s a prototype) or say “Jingle Bells”.

“Different screens, different proposals …. One of them we see for the first time today.” Thanks Google Translate.

In much the same way the Galaxy Round is a curved version of the Galaxy Note 3, the G Flex seems to be a lot like the curved version of the G2. It also has a six-inch display with what is believed to be a 13MP camera. Others have however also pointed out that it looks very similar to the Galaxy Nexus released a few years ago.

Another thing that stands out is the fact that the Galaxy Round and the G Flex are both curved differently. As you can see in the images, the Round has a curved width. This will ultimately make it a nice fit in tight jeans for instance.

A few days ago the news came out that the Samsung Galaxy Round which trended the web was only a prototype. Samsung had plans of releasing it in South Korea only “in limited quantities“.

LG G Flex The Verge

G Flex happily smiles for the camera
The G Flex, on the other hand, is curved similarly to LG and Samsung’s latest curved 55″ OLED TVs — along the length of the display.

LG G Flex The Verge top

Essentially this horizontal curvature will give you a more immersive viewing experience. At least that’s what LG claims.

With this leak coming from South America, it could mean that the G Flex is set for international distribution and not just its home country, South Korea. Ini says the phone is to be launched in Korea next month however.

Images via The Verge



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