Watch LG’s G Flex magically heal after it’s attacked by keys

G Flex scratch test

The LG G Flex has a neat trick up its sleeve. This YouTube user, Marques Brownlee has posted a video of him scarring the back of the upcoming curved Android phone, the G Flex. After scratching the phone, the G Flex starts repairing the scratch itself. The future is here, and it’s real.

LG released a video earlier last week that showed off the healing powers of the G Flex saying “LG G Flex is designed to recover from light scratches on its back within minutes thanks to the application of ‘seal healing’ technology'”. It’s not exactly the Wolverine of phones, but it’s something new and exciting for once. Brownlee notes that the back does greatly reduce the appearance of his self-destructive testing, but not completely. The video even notes that recovery from heavy scratches may be limited. Still, it’s right there for all of us to see.

In the video, the G Flex seems to self-repair better in warmer climates, as Brownlee even points out. If the G Flex is around temperatures of lower than 13-degrees Celsius, the creepy healing process will take longer or be less effective. Brownlee notes that the optimal self-healing temperature is 27.4-degrees Celsius but that’s within “optimally controlled conditions” as seen in LG’s official scratching video.

We reported on LG’s official video earlier this month, but the truth of the matter is, who the hells going to carry around a piece of steel-wool to scratch their phone with? Back in the real world (where the word “Apple” no longer means a fruit any more), a phone being scratched by a pocket-full of keys makes complete sense. The LG G Flex is currently on sale in South Korea for US$1050, but LG is keeping a global release date (if there is one) under wraps.



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