Win ‘XCOM: Enemy Within’ for Xbox 360 [closed]

XCOM Enemy Within

Update: This was a tough one but the winner for this competition is Tom C! Well done, the Klautorix definitely sounds like a concept alien worth its own title.

It’s competition time! Today we’re giving you the chance to win the new stand-alone expansion to the award-winning strategy/action title of 2012. Take a look at how you could win XCOM: Enemy Within for Xbox 360 below.

How to enter: In the comments below, name or create your favorite alien. Enemy Within introduces new weapons and abilities with genetic and cybernetic modifications, how would the aliens have to adapt to defeat these pesky humans? The competition starts today and will end on 25 November.

The standalone expansion revitalises the popular award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown of 2012. If you’re not a die-hard of the original, Enemy Within promises to change that. It introduces new expanded content as well as the Elite Soldier Pack, Slingshot and Second Wave.

Developed by 2K Games, the turn-based science fiction strategy game holds the core storyline but adds new exciting content in Enemy Within. This include things such as “transhuman technologies” or massive mech troopers to battle the never-ending invading Aliens. Together with 30 new maps, a new faction called EXALT has also been introduced who seeks to embrace the aliens’ technologies and outlast their invasion in order to rule the world afterwards. XCOM: Enemy Within also introduces a new resource called “Meld” which is required for newly introduced XCOM transhuman technologies.



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