iPhone 6 concept ‘iPhone Air’ is a 4.6-inch dream machine

iPhone 6

The iPhone 5S has barely had time breathe and already we’re faced with iPhone 6 concept videos and images like this one from DeviantART contributor BrightKnight08. BrightKnight presents a dazzling, wide-screen view of the future with an iPhone that is longer and more powerful than anything we can imagine, hence the term “concept”. He’s calling it the “iPhone Air” and there’s a lot to love about it.

It’s the slick, iPad cum Galaxy S4 hybrid design created by the artist that appeals to us. His design creates an iPhone with a tapered edge, like with the MacBook Air. The end is tapered and measures only 5.5mm thick. On the top and on the sides it’s barely 7.5mm thick. The iPhone Air also has customisable colours, something Apple only offers in official cases.

There are new buttons to contend with, and the Home button is as good as gone. The artist replaces it with a backlit proximity sensor. There’s no more silent switch to toggle as this button is moved to the top, and is now a dual silence/power button. The artist says to power off the iPhone Air we’ll need to long-press the new dual button.

The display is killer to say the least, to say the most would include: a 4.6″ screen with a pixel-per-inch (PPI) count of 450, which would deliver the highest-res screen yet of any iPhone or smartphone, ever. The Galaxy S4’s 4.99″ screen would be bigger, but it only has a PPI of 441.

As for the earpiece, it’s now merged with the front camera and other sensors — less waste, more screen and an aluminium body, the iPhone Air is one rocking concept design.

left right

Iphone 6

Iphone Air 4

Too thin? No such thing.

Iphone Air 1

Not sure about the colour of the iPhone Air. What is it, Flesh Metal?

Iphone Air 2

The artist designed this slick looking app to go along with his design

Iphone Air 3

Any iPhone in red would look sublime.

Images via DeviantART

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