Xbox One versus PS4: which has the better exclusive games?

Halo for Xbox One

For months we’ve been hearing about the launch of the upcoming next-gen consoles, indeed we’ve all been discussing them ad nauseam. The Xbox One launches today, a week after the Playstation 4 and well in time for the holiday rush – is the Xbox One a decent lure to pull fans away from the PS4? It’s all down the console-exclusive games.

Here are a few reasons you might actually want to wait however, or at the very least put some more thought into which console you’re actually going to purchase. For many gamers it comes down to the franchises available, especially if it’s an ongoing series.

The list of exclusive titles then, is becoming increasingly more important, especially since at this present time, Microsoft have garnered a few key ones that might make all the difference when it comes to crunch time.

Xbox One

Beginning with Microsoft we already see a hefty lineup, not least of which is its staple franchise Halo. No-one really knows what’s going on in the trailer to be honest, but I have no doubt that Halo fans the world over will be going crazy at the thought of stepping into The Master Chief’s universe once again.

Sticking with robots, next we have the greatly anticipated Titanfall, and probably the reason a large group of people will be hanging on for the Xbox One. Mechs and men battle it out in this one, and the hype has many people on the edge of their seats in anticipation. But hey, it’s also coming to PC.

I can’t really say I’ve ever been a massive Dead Rising fan. It’s not a bad franchise, but it doesn’t appeal to me in the same manner as many other zombie games. That said, Dead Rising 3 is looking suitably impressive and the little that I’ve played of it so far strikes a good balance between Saints Row type silliness, and serious zombie slaying.

True story?
Ryse is a game that I’m fascinated by, partly because of my love for Greek and Roman mythology, and because I’m still trying to decide if it will be any good. The demos I’ve played are impressive and indicate that it will likely make a good impression on release, but there is also the chance it might miss the mark with all the QTE’s.

Forza Motorsport 5 is looking absolutely stunning and although many will look at this as simply the latest edition in this racing franchise, it should still knock your socks off.

What I’I’m not entirely convinced by this revival of Killer Instinct, especially since it’s up against fighting games the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. But the game has been demoed with some impressive combos and an excellent fighting system so it should at least provide a solid distraction until a meatier fighter is released.

The punky, gorgeous art style of Sunset Overdrive really sets this game apart right from the get go, and we can only hope that the demo is indicative of the finished product. From the developers of Resistance, this is an open-world free-running shooter. Think Mirrors Edge, but with a next-gen shine.

Since the days of the original Max Payne, Remedy have held a special place in my heart, which leapt for joy a little when I heard about Quantum Break. It will apparently be accompanied by a TV series (not sure how I feel about that), but the game looks pretty damn impressive, so I’m keen to see how they link the two.

From the makers of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery comes Below, and this dungeon based exploration game is in stark contrast to the big-budget titles releasing on the Xbox One, but it’s high up on my list of must plays, if only because I loved their first title so much.

This game is one I always forget about, and yet it was one I spent the most time exploring at E3. Project Spark is essentially the Microsoft equivalent of Little Big Planet, a game where you can easily build and play through your own games, but while it has great possibilities it could just as easily fall flat.

D4 is a game I’ll be honest, doesn’t really interest me, primarily because this developer’s previous title Deadly Premonition didn’t appeal to me either. The trailer is weird and has something to do with a plane crash.

Kinect Sports Rivals. Yay. Or not. It’s Kinect, of course it’s exclusive. It’s also uninteresting.

Playstation 4

If you’re a Playstation convert, or at the very least are considering buying the first next-gen console to be released, you’ll want to consider its far more limited line up of exclusive titles. Yes this might change, but Microsoft has more than double the titles of their competition. That said, the quality of Sony’s titles is equally as impressive.

I really enjoyed the Infamous series, so the lure of PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son is great. You play as Delsin Rowe, who apart from a stupid name, uses his superpowers (fire this time around) to rebel against the government controlling the city, which is absolutely huge.

I’m a complete history nut, so The Order: 1886 really appeals to me. It’s an alternative version of Victorian London, with steampunk inspired weaponry and inhuman, supernatural enemies. You’ll encounter historical figures as you progress through the game fighting for survival.

If you prefer online racing (I don’t personally but that’s me) Drive Club is set to impress with an insanely well modelled arsenal of cars at your disposal. Players can compete against each other in real-time and you can join a club to set up tournaments and challenges.

With thanks to IGN for its roundup video
Another franchise staple is Killzone, and the latest in this series is known as Shadowfall. There are some new additions this time around, including a drone that casts a protective shield around you but apart from that it looks much the same as other first person shooters.

Knack is made by the developers of one of my favourite handheld games, Locoroco. The world has been invaded by marauding goblins, and you play as Knack, a small creature who absorbs relics as they are discovered, and who then increases in size to release destruction in his wake.

A clear winner?

On paper the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are very evenly matched, but I think the real competition is going to lie in the release of exclusive titles. Xbox certainly holds more franchises, but are they all of a high quality? Playstation might hold fewer titles but most of them are tried and trusted franchises. Are these games that consumers will want to hold out for, or will the lure of the next-gen console prove too great?

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