5 practical uses ‘The Internet of Things’ has in real life



The Internet of Things doesn’t just refer to your ability to hop online to check your Facebook or update your Tumblr page. More than anything else, it’s becoming a way of life. As a result of internet integration, there are dozens of devices that’ll connect your entire home, integrating all the internet-ready gadgets you have at your disposal. The Internet of Things describes a way of syncing your life and connecting it to everything, from home devices to smartphones.

Embrace the Internet with Mobiplug

The Mobiplug (now Revolv) will almost certainly revolutionise the way you do things, especially in your home. Until this point, you’ve had to worry about synching up your devices with like items. Therefore, when you buy products, you have to make sure they’re all compatible with each other — even generic remote controls and Bluetooth devices.

Mobiplug erases that need. No matter what items you have in the house, if they’re wireless, you’re good. The brand doesn’t matter because this device will let you integrate everything. You don’t even have to worry about the wireless protocol. You still control everything from your smartphone, but it’ll let you open your wireless garage door or turn on your smart TV, even if the manufacturer says you can’t.

Channel New Tech with Electric Imp

Because it uses small Wi-Fi nodes — about the size of an SD card — that you can easily transfer to different devices, you can use this device with practically anything (including your TV). Slide the node into your TV and you’ll have a smart TV capable of fast streaming all on its own content immediately. You can then transfer the node to any other device you like, including your lights and your radio.
This ease comes from the fact that everything is online. Each time you put the node in a device, it’ll identify everything it needs to know and will download all the right software. You can customise everything and control it from anywhere you want. With devices like this, it’s amazing to see how TV technology is evolving and changing how we view our favorite content.

Change the Way You Listen with AllJoyn

AllJoyn gets rid of that frustration everyone has from time to time: hearing or seeing something on TV or the radio, and wishing you had it on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. This device lets you do that effortlessly. It takes the Internet of Things and incorporates intranet.

What that means for you is that if you hear a song on your radio, you can send it to your phone, add it to your playlist, and even send it on to your computer. It won’t necessarily control all of your wireless devices, but it’ll definitely increase your entertainment reach.

Get in Shape With FitBit


FitBit is quickly changing the face of fitness. It’s a motion sensor smart device, but it’s not all about fitness. You see, the scope of the Internet of Things is that the devices you have in your home should do triple-duty. FitBit has thus incorporated sleep sensors as well, along with its own scale and a host of apps.

What’s really exciting for those people who buy it in hopes of getting in shape is that FitBit can now sync with your TV and punish you. For instance, if you don’t meet the activity goals you set, it won’t let you watch TV. But it’ll reward you as well by turning on the morning coffee as soon as the sensors detect movement.

Care for Your Child With WeMo

Belkin is a big name in the actual Internet of Things. The WeMo comes with smart outlets, so anything can technically become a smart device. WeMo is also a motion sensor, so you can use it to make your coffee or turn off your lights and TV. The best part is that it also has its own baby monitor now that you can control from your smartphone. You’ll always know what’s going on with your little one, even if you’re out of the house.

The Internet of Things is quickly changing the shape of things. Are you eager to make your home a smarter place to live?



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