7 of the best fat-burning, muscle-building gadgets available right now

It’s that time of year when people welcome a new belt notch they didn’t ask Santa for and wonder how to get rid of it. The science bods say it takes around 27/28 days to break or create a habit so we’ve put together a list of some tech to help you get rid of the chunk as you spin/run/jog/swim into 2014.

1. Google Glass

gaming with glass

Setting aside the “Glasshole” comments and price tag (since the product is not widely available yet) Glass is a polarising bit of kit. Yet it kind of makes you look like Seven of Nine from Star Trek but it can also help perfect your golf swing, plan a challenging run and enable you to ride like the wind thanks to traffic avoidance. This is just the basic functionality – imagine other applications when this puppy goes mainstream. Archery, athletics or football, it’s all possible but imagine a virtual trainer attached to that. Now there’s an interesting thought…

2. Shine


About the size of a quarter or small sweet, Shine is an activity monitor you won’t feel embarrassed to wear. Coming in a variety of colours and accessories (watchstrap, necklace, magnetic clip), it perfectly fits in with your wardrobe and your lifestyle – checking your progress isn’t just addictive it becomes part of your day. Works with both Apple and Android.

3. Yakkay


Biking is gaining popularity around the world but the big drawback is often the headgear. Yakkay has removed the stigma by designing a range of safe but also stylish helmets that will get the thumbs up from the safety bods but won’t get you shot down by the fashion (hipster?) police. Justin Timberlake, baseball and Columbo fans will be especially pleased with the selection.

4. SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute


This is a case of it has to be seen to be believed. In essence you are fighting against the wind and running whilst doing it. Great for stamina, speed, strength and resistance training. It has quick release button should you see someone you know and need to make a hasty getaway.

5. Magnetic Dumbbells by Menu


The problem with most fitness equipment (Shine aside) is that is has to be stored and it often looks unappealing. Neither of these points is the case with this magnetic dumbbell set – not only does it look stellar combined or separated but it’s also incredibly sculptural when not in use. It’s a good talking point that helps you sculpt your biceps – what else can say it does that?

6. Run Personal VISIOWEB by Technogym

Run assist

The daddy of all home exercise equipment must surely be this treadmill. Not only does it tout a 19” screen that you can keep up with the latest shows and news on but also you can email, play games or browse the internet. This could become the walking desk that ends all walking desks. It’s pricey but when it looks this good which in turn makes you feel great, isn’t it worth it?

7. SwiMP3 2G by FINIS

Swim MP3

These puppies are some smart tech. Working off of a similar principle to Glass (i.e. bone conduction audio transmission or no earbuds required) you will actually be able to hear the latest hits from Miley to Bach but underwater. If you are an earbud enthusiast do not fret, FINIS also provides you with earbuds so if you want a snugger fit to hear your gigs of music you’ll be set.

Paul Armstrong


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