9 Valentine’s Day gifts that will melt your geeky love interest’s heart

February 14th is fast approaching. That means you’re either dreading the day, or are happily in love. For those who fall into the latter, we’ve hand-picked nine of the geekiest gifts imaginable for the nerd in your life.

1. The 8-bit flower

8 bit flower

Is this how Mario would have serenaded Princess Peach? ThinkGeek would like to think so: the flowers are 3D printed, beautifully pixellated and never, ever need watering.

2. Droid LTE 14K Ring

R2D2 ring

This is the real deal, a 14 Karat white gold ring with gold, white gold, diamonds, created sapphires and it looks like a bloody R2-D2 unit from Star Wars. Etsy has you covered and for under US$2000, some geek guy or girl is going to lose their tiny mind.

3. Zombie friendship necklace

Zombie friends

Zombies are adorable, the way they shuffle into your life and bite into your… heart. Can we befriend them, can we love them? No, their brainless killers but the next best thing is a Zombie friendship necklace for your ZFF (Zombie friend forever), care of ThinkGeek.

4. Polaroid PoGo instant photo printer


Memories are like knock-off smartphones, in that they last for six months then mysteriously die. Keep those special or incredibly embarrassing moments saved forever with this, the PoGo instant photo printer. It’s ultra-light, portable and teeny-tiny. It’s not the most cost-friendly of gadgets, but it is special, in that it will e-special-ly drain you of US$200.

5. The Undercover Laptop Sleeve

Security and love go hand-in-hand with this sneaky gift. You love your special lady/guy in your life, but they want to keep their laptop safe. Show how much you kind of care with the Undercover Laptop Sleeve which transforms a laptop bag into an A3 envelope. Sneaky, sneaky.

6. QWERTY Magnets


It’s magnets, that look like keys. The magnets either spell “LOVE U” or “MISS U” depending on which set you purchase. The magnetic keys (which Redbox says is made from used keyboards) can even be placed on the back of an old cell phone, thereby rendering it even more useless.

7. Gold (fake) heart-shaped earbuds


This is pretty damn romantic, if you ask me. For less than the price of an entry-level phone, you can snap up these fake gold heart-shaped earbuds. The earbuds come in five different colours and are “noticeable and stylish” says the site. Noticeable, yes. Stylish, no.

8. Magic “I miss you” bean


Science and love, that’s what you’re getting with this combo. As the plant grows, the message slowly reveals itself. Therefore, this is a loving gift for the patient of heart.

9. Star Trek Captains Robe


ThinkGeek has (again) produced one of the best-looking gifts of all time. The Star Trek Captains Robe is a work of art, and delicately captures the look and feel of a robe that Kirk himself would step into after a night of romancing a weird blue alien woman.

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