VTech’s Kidizoom, the first smartwatch for children

kiddy smartwatch

Grownups have them, so why shouldn’t kids? We’ve seen tablets of all shapes and sizes for most types and ages. Some of them fun and quirky, others simply terrible. It seems that when it comes to smartwatches, it’s not that different. Also, it’s going to sell for under US$50.

VTech calls its latest product the world’s first smartwatch for kids. VTech is a US-based company responsible for various electronic learning gadgets and toys for children, and recently showcased the KidiZoom Smart Watch for kids at the 2014 International Toy Fair.

Aimed at kids from 6 to 12 , it has a 1.4″ touch display with more than twenty different watch faces and various colours. It’s part of the company’s Kidizoom product range and can take photos and videos. Children will also have limited video and photo editing capabilities which is pretty rad.

The smartwatch also has a voice recorder that can playback “funny voice effects” and features three preloaded educational games. Other functions include a dedicated countdown timer and a stopwatch. Seems like the Galaxy Gear has a competitor in its midst.

We’re not sure about the KidiZoom Smart Watch’s OS.

The watch has a few tricks up its sleeve but isn’t technically smart. It doesn’t have any internet capabilities. According to Gizmag, the watch comes with a USB port so kiddies can upload or download their photos and videos.

“Kids see their parents with these watches and tablets and want to use them, so it’s meeting those needs and making it kid-friendly,” says VTech representative Emma Birley to Gizmag.

This is definitely more subtle and a step up from one of those bulky plastic orange and green laptops which feature three games, a couple of math problems and a cheesy song.

The KidiZoom Smart Watch will be launched around  August this year.

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