Latest OS X update enables native 4K resolution

Apple 4k

Apple’s OS X update 10.9.3 was released to developers last week who have now revealed that it will enable scaling to accommodate 4K monitors by default. This means that viewers will have a similar resolution to Apple’s much-acclaimed Retina display, found in the iPad and iPhones, on a massive TV monitor.

Given some technical knowhow, you’ll be able to simulate Retina display also known as HiDPI. With this latest update, however, it seems Apple is hoping to push 4K resolution output natively.

Apple’s latest powerful Mac Pro can support up to three 4K monitors with the refresh rates being 30Hz or less. With tests done by 9to5Mac, the update allows the latest 2013 MacBook Pros’ to stream 4K to external monitors at 30Hz.

Some testers are reporting that with the 10.9.3 update MacBook Pros even run up to an impressive 60Hz giving viewers a super-smooth experience. As ArsTechnica notes, these MacBooks are already capable of 60Hz 4K output when running Windows, but are limited to lower refresh rates in pre-OS X 10.9.3 versions. This means that the hardware is there, it’s just limited by a few software modifications.

This move could further suggest that Apple’s nearing the launch of its own standalone 4K external displays and iMacs.



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