Dart, a wonderfully tiny adaptor for (almost) any laptop

Dart Lead

The days of convenient charging might finally be here. No more lugging around bulky, heavy laptop chargers to our respective jobs/classes/cafes. The Dart has come to save us.

Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, FINsix’s Dart promises to revolutionise how we perceive power adapters. The Dart is a significantly smaller, lighter, and more elegant laptop charger. Even better is its potential to power all of your electronics.

Think about it! Having just one charger.

But how did they make the Dart so incredibly small? By using patented MIT technology of course. It works by converting power from your wall socket more efficiently, without losing energy to heat.

You know how your power adapter gets super hot when you’re charging your computer? Well, it turns out most of that energy could actually be going into your computer, instead of being lost to heat. Since the converter is working more efficiently, it can be smaller while supplying the same rate of energy as a conventional, bigger charger.

The one drawback is for Mac users. If you would like a Dart compatible with your MacBook then you’ll have to fork over an extra US$79. The campaign claims that they have to buy a Mac Adapter (priced at US$79) for every MacBook compatible Dart they develop. We’re thinking they’ll figure out a cheaper alternative soon.

In just over a day, the Dart has managed to surpass their crowdsourcing goal of US$200 000. If recent campaigns have been any indication, their total raised will likely double (or even centuple).



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